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"Just once… I’ll say this just once. I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien.. i don’t care anymore. So let’s go as far as we can. Let’s give it a try"

"Why is a guy’s waist so tiny?"

akupadhyay1: heyyy could you please help me out? i'm from india and i'd like to watch Princess Hours (i believe that is what its called), so could you pls recommend a website or something?! Thank you!! xx

Sure. I think this site can help you. I hope it works.

Shin Chae Gyung playing in denial to the fullest

"This is the first time meeting with such an idiot."

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Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. After 3 years, Yoon Eun Hye will appear on big screen again finally. Tho she isn't the lead for this movie, the casting is surrounded by good actors so it's a win/win. For more information about the movie click here.